Ample Opportunities in Baltic States for Asians

Ample Opportunities in Baltic States for Asians

Created: 2018.03.15 / Updated: 2018.03.15 08:59

Three Baltic States Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are a place for a strategic business location for Asians. One may ask me why?

First of all, the geographic locations, secondly member of EU, Schengen, thirdly Euro as a common currency, fourthly access to the whole European market, and the giant Russia, fifthly the Logistical advancement and advantages that the three countries offer, is unmatchable, giving access to the ships of any size operating round the year, where the Russian economy is heavily dependent on the port and surface transports facilities of these three Baltic Countries.

I am personally traveling to these countries since 2004, and seen how they grew really. Very friendly people, stable government, strong governance, smooth functionality, brilliant IT and Technology Professionals, are the gift of God, for these countries to be blessed.

When I started roaming around in to these three countries, I think only very few Asians were traveling to these countries, however, there were business being transacted between the Asian countries and part of the Soviet Union, prior to their independence, which are still continuing, of course with a much better fashion though.

Even though I have seen some of the Asian business houses opened up factories, facilities and trading centers, not much as such been utilized the amount of facilities offered by these three countries. I am doing some business of course on my own, happily with some of my partners, along with the Government of Lithuania, Latvia specially, I feel thrilled to stay back in to the territory and exploit the possibilities. Of course, I can’t afford to do that, leaving my business in Asia and Africa.

A great place to live in, fantastic food, and culture, transport network is super to travel across, in 1-2 hours one can be anywhere in Europe by Road, Rail, or Air.

I feel some of the Asian Business Enterprises have been doing great such as Indorama from Thailand, setting up a Petro Chemical complex in Lithuanian territory, Klaipeda port, of course they are highly regarded. Portek from Singapore is managing the Port of Riga, very professionally and successfully.

I have in my mind of setting up an Exclusive Economic Zone in Ventspils Port of Latvia, and invite the Asian business houses to bring their semi finished goods to add some value, and just export to Europe and Russia, which could save a lot of money for the Asian Businessmen. We shall be revealing our Master Plan to this regard, in September this year in a Seminar organized by our Group.

With lower operating cost, one should operate a Freighter Flight from Asia to Kaunas or Vilnius and distribute the cargo by road to anywhere in Europe, with a much lower cost, as Lithuanian trucking companies are big in size, highly professional, and very low cost, fast delivery. I am sure, the Airport Authority of Kaunas will offer almost every thing free, as they did offer me the same few years back. This surely will give a new dynamic to the Lithuanian economy and its performance as an International Logistics hub.

Banking is really professional and surely the European banks are friendly and willing to extend cooperation to the genuine and serious business enterprises.

Education is world class and its growing day by day. All the three Baltic states are offering world class education to the student, thus the Asian student can choose to a destination among the Baltic states, with a much cheaper costs for education and living, but with high standard.

Unfortunately, not much of promotion is done for the Baltic states in Asia, as they are mostly concentrating in Europe, thus to the vast amount of 3 billion populations in Asia, Baltic states are still unexplored.

Author: Dr. M. Haider Uzzaman


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